Artists On Art grew out of my interest in understanding how artists really tick. I am curious about what motivates artists to create day after day, and what they consider to be the source of their inspiration.

I want to get closer to the nub of how individuals approach creativity. What is it to be an artist? Why does it even matter?

My own artistic journey is an ongoing exploration of what makes me tick. It will never cease to be a work-in-progress. But, as a wise old man once said, it’s a bad day when you don’t learn something.

On this website you’ll find my attempts at making sense of questions old and new. There will be discussions with artists from all walks. And who knows what else. Let’s see where it takes us!

Readers are welcome to join the discussion by commenting on posts. Please engage constructively, be polite and respect divergent views.

About me

Over the past three decades I’ve created in a wide range of art forms including visual art, music composition and performance, theatrical writing and performance, theatre design and story writing, while often succeeding in maintaining a career as a mechanical engineer, husband and dad.

I have held solo exhibitions, had my short plays and music theatre works staged, sung in various forms from classical to contemporary to music theatre to choral, and have been known to ‘tread the boards’.

I love architecture, the Sydney Bush, the Australian outback, building things in wood and stone. My soul is stirred by the poetic, by the spiritual aspect of things. At times I am ashamed at the deeds of my fellow humans; at other times I am awestruck by their genius. And I am hopeful that we as a species will eventually find our way.

Bruce Daniel